JMR- Bound

Let’s listen to the first single off JMR’s upcoming EP, Boyish, that comes to life with a catchy beat and heavenly harmonies.


Immediately we can hear JMR’s soothing vocals over a soft guitar - very relaxing.


OK JMR I see you. Here you may notice your head bopping to the beat and that is totally OK because it’s starting to bump.


Controlling society? JMR flies under the radar as his love interest is pushed and shoved around?


The chorus offer an uplifting message about treading on despite those who try to hold you.


He closes it out with some solo vocals which display yet again how pleasing it is to listen to his voice:)

When this track first started, I was a little unsure of how the rest of the song would be because it is pretty slow in the beginning. However, JMR quickly picks it up with a fun beat. The chorus is a little repetitive with the same two lines “But I’m gonna find a way to dance even if they tie my feet.” It didn’t really bother me because it successfully emphasizes the message of the song. Overall, I’m pretty stoked for JMR’s new EP, Boyish, to come out on May 26 so we can hear some more of his sound that catches listeners off guard. In a completely dope way of course.

~ Lillie Bellia