THE CHAINSMOKERS - Memories...Do Not Open

The Chainsmokers’ new album really brings it with these 12 tracks, using the same classic electronic pop format for literally every song they make. Every single one. Nonetheless, they keep churning out hits, so for that we are going to break it down. Get ready, kids. This is a good one.

“The One”

Interesting opening to the album, a bit somber, but overall nice instrumental. The exposed vocals have just enough synthesizer to make Andrew Taggart seem like a singer.

‘Break Up Every Night”

Well we’ve done a complete 180 from somber love song to a heated dance beat. I wouldn’t qualify this as singing so much as longer talking, but if you’re looking for a really really really repetitive song with little variation, this is the one!


Improvement from that last song, although it still feels recycled. The lyrics are exactly what you’ll hear when your man cheats on you with your best friend and says sorry. Woot.

“Don’t Say”

Emily Warren’s voice is a very good complement to their sound. Keep her around please, we need her.

“My Type”

They brought Emily Warren back thankfully, and the lyrics to this song are GOOD. The chorus is a little twist and the second verse holds up well. Emily Warren should be part of the chainsmokers.

“It Won’t Kill Ya”

Louane holds her own in this song, but sounds almost too much like Skylar Grey on the Suicide Squad album. Interesting chorus, certainly better than the first half of this album. Get ready to hear this song at a club, heavily remixed. You won’t hate it, I hope.


Sticks with the concurrent theme of party boys singing odd break-up melodies to their lady friends, but this is not the best of the album. Don’t listen to the lyrics attentively or you’ll leave confused.


This song made me want to smack whoever wrote the lyrics, because he sounds like a huge douche.

“Wake Up Alone”

Every single chick who’s taken an uber home at 6AM will vibe with this song. But, turn it off before the last 20 seconds. Trust me.


Why is this song is called “Young” when it already feels old?? This track sounds like Closer if it had been through a dishwasher too many times.

“Last Day Alive”

Okay so the idea here was to put the death song at the end, which is fine I guess. I almost expected the shitty fade out this album ended on.

The chainsmokers have cited Pharrell Williams and Deadmau5 as influences, two artists who have signature aspects but made huge strides in their respective genres. The Chainsmokers also have a signature aspect, but it’s using the same format for every song. This album simply lacks a diversity of sound that every artist needs. On their own, the songs aren’t bad, but in context there’s just nothing new or unique to draw in listeners. If you would willingly take a Xanax with your boss on a weekday, this is the album for you.

~ Will Canavan