What I Learned at Coachella

The Places to Be

Go Coachill in the DoLab because they have some great DJs. If you go to the Sahara Tent, prepare to SWEAT.

The Deal with Water

Water is in high demand. Water bottles are $2. Save yourself the money and dehydration, and bring something to carry your water. For real, this might be the biggest struggle at the fest. Bring a lasting bottle or a CamelBak backpack, but I swear you will need something.

Where to Stash Your Drugs

I found that a very popular hiding spot for coke is chapstick containers, so try that. People also loved hiding drugs in underwear. It might be somewhat uncomfortable, but hey, whatever works.


Fashion is arguably the most important aspect of Coachella. Every year, the looks get bigger and better. Wearing the least amount of clothing is always fashionable. People still think flower crowns are in, but I have to disagree.

Go to Random Sets

Some of my favorite performances were random artists because I was listening to something new.

Account for Sweat

This necessary evil will cause some problems. If you’re planning on joining the packed crowds at performances, don’t wear anything that easily reveals your sweat and don’t cake your fake with makeup. You’ll end up looking like a complete mess after your first act. And never, NEVER, bring anything heavy. This will only increase your sweat production.

The Experience

Honestly, everyone is so chill and friendly that I understand the hype behind Coachella. Many music festivals provide a great opportunity to listen to music intoxicated, but this festival creates a climate of pure bliss. Coachella is definitely one to hit up if you can. Plus, I hear Queen Bee is going to be there next year;)

~ Cassandra Miller

A Few Photos From My Journey