Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.

Kendrick bangers are back. Let’s take a look at this new track:


Damn, Kendrick just told us that he doesn’t need any help. He’s been doing this all day. The song hasn’t even started yet. Buckle up.


Wow, what a verse to start things off. After a deep “preachy” single last week, Kendrick takes a turn with this song. This first verse has you bumpin’ your head to the beat.


I’m a little disappointed in the chorus. After a catchy first verse, I was hoping for a sing-a-long type chorus, but it was just kind of Kendrick chanting the same thing about 20 times.


Only Kendrick could get away with bragging about chilling with Obama in a song called HUMBLE.


Kendrick says “If I kill a n****, it won't be the alcohol, ayy I'm the realest n**** after all, bitch, be humble.” This is a strong lyric. K-dot shows that his actions are not done from drugs or alcohol. Everything he does represents him and what he stands for. After all, he’s the realest.

This single was very comforting. Kendrick has seemed to change his style a lot recently. Especially with his last single, The Heart Part 4, Kendrick’s songs now seem very lyrically driven. I want more Kendrick bangers again. I want another m.A.A.d city type jam. Humble is a mix of fantastic lyrics with a powerful message and being a good ole fashion Kendrick banger. I am ready and hopeful for more of the same with his new rumored album. Come through Kendrick.

~ Jason Herman