ODESZA Feat. WYNNE & Mansionair - Line of Sight

FINALLY! After almost a year and a half of nothing, ODESZA dropped some new music.


Starting the track of with some beach vibes. Take me there, ODESZA.


The lyrics in the chorus is a little hard to understand.


You know, I’m getting bored of this beat.


This sounds more like a Chainsmokers song than a ODESZA one… And I don’t like it.


Doesn’t really sound like a big comeback song.

Overall, this is song is a chiller. It’s the kind of track that makes you want to sit with a cold beer in your grip and your toes in the sand. However, I can't say anything substantial about this “comeback” besides that. ODESZA, you were gone for so long, and now we get this? Still, the melody is alright and there could be some dope remixes of this track. If we brought up the speed and added some bass when the chorus drops, it could be a banger.

~ Martin Wilkins